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Todd's directees


Some of my directees have expressed in writing their gratitude for my work with them. Check them out!

"Todd has served as my spiritual director for over 10 years now. Over that period of time, I have found him to be a spiritual confidant unlike anyone else in my life. Our time together includes prayer, meditative music, silence, and questions that look for the prompting of God's spirit. Time and time again Todd will ask a question or offer a reading that is exactly what I was needing to hear or needing to consider. Often, he does that without yet knowing what it is that I'll be bringing into our spiritual direction together. He's that in tune with clients as a spiritual director. Todd's ministry will be a gift to you-it has been for me for over a decade."


"Todd Spencer has been my Spiritual Director for over 10 years. We have walked through some major joys and sadness, awareness, and discovery. 

My biggest endorsement for Todd is that my relationship with God is at a completely different place than when we met. From a cautious, not sure I like the God of my childhood and keeping God at arm’s length, to an opening to welcome God into my, hopes, fears, doubts, and struggles. Todd has a quiet, gentle way about him. First impressions are a strong, manly outdoors guy from Oklahoma. While we can relate that way, he moves towards the loving, accepting, forgiving way of Jesus with wisdom and patience. Great guy!!"
~ Charlie 

"Todd has been my spiritual director for the last few years and I have greatly appreciated his quiet, compassionate approach, along with his wise and piercing questions that help to illuminate myself to myself. He patiently helps me practice being quiet in God's presence and receptive of God's love. Most importantly (from my perspective) he gently, and continually directs my attention back to God's invitations, presence, and grace."

~ Brandon

"Todd has been my spiritual director for the last several years. He directs with a very pastoral presence, listens with compassion and curiosity, and leaves plenty of space for silence. I'm very grateful for Todd's companionship through many challenging seasons."

~ Trevor

"Returning from my sabbatical as a Lead Pastor, I knew I needed someone I could entrust myself to for Spiritual Direction. I met with Todd for over a year, and those monthly meetings were a highlight--and lifeline--for me. His ability to provide space for contemplation, guided prayer, and reflective conversations gave me fuel for my soul. He pastored me as I pastored my congregation. I would encourage all ministry leaders to consider engaging Todd for Spiritual Direction.
~ Thomas


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